Client Success Stories

Having worked at the same company for more than 20 years, Arlene's guidance and coaching were critical to my job search. She was encouraging and supportive and her advice and coaching provided me with the practical tools to successfully secure an exciting new executive role with a leading global company. Arlene helped me position my experience, knowledge and competencies such that I was the most desirable candidate for the position.
Pam A.
VP - Global Corporate Responsibility
It was a pleasure to work with Arlene as I went through a transition in my career. She provided guidance and the tools needed for me to take the next step. Her knowledge of the job market and strategic mindedness helped me identify key areas to focus on and led me to achieve my goal. I highly recommend Arlene to those who seek expert coaching for their careers.
Eunice A.
Director of Subscription Marketing
As a career coach, Arlene was incredible at helping me identify the success that I had delivered throughout my career. As I struggled to put my career highlights and accomplishments to paper, her poignant, probing questions helped me cut out my skills, and to articulate them in an effective, thoughtful manner. Perhaps most important, she reinforced for me the value add and well-rounded experience that I bring to the table. She exemplified patience, wonderful listening, and expertise. I found her advice to be applicable and practical. The coaching experience that she provided was first rate. I would wholeheartedly and without hesitation recommend her.
Ben R.
Chief Operating Officer
I had an incredible experience working with Arlene Newman. Her professional background is extraordinary and the way in which she worked with me to build an executive level resume and LinkedIn profile was of immeasurable value. Arlene is patient, smart, communicative, and really listens. Her costing structure is fair and each session was more productive than the one prior. I can't recommend Arlene enough! Thank you, Arlene!
Amy C.
CEO of Sustainability & Environmental Impact
I hired Arlene to coach me through a mid-career transition. She was a fantastic resource that I would recommend to anyone looking for a new job. What was especially beneficial were the tactical resources she was able to provide. We worked through my resume, did personal branding, interview prep, and more. Each step of the way she provided worksheets that helped bring clarity to my strategy and thoughts from the necessity of putting it all into writing.
Derrek E.
Data Analysis and Organizational Development
I had the privilege of working with Arlene, a fantastic career coach, who played a pivotal role in my post-graduation journey. Arlene assisted me in refining my resume, optimizing my LinkedIn profile, and enhancing my personal branding. Her guidance during mock interviews was invaluable.

Arlene's expertise and support extended beyond the technical aspects of job hunting. She helped me gain confidence in presenting myself professionally and effectively in the competitive job market. Her insights and encouragement were instrumental in building a strong foundation for my career.

Arlene's dedication to her clients' success is truly commendable. She takes a personal interest in their growth, offering valuable advice and strategies tailored to individual goals. Her commitment to helping me reach my potential was evident in every interaction.

I highly recommend Arlene to anyone seeking professional guidance and growth. Her extensive experience and genuine care for her clients make her an outstanding career coach. I am grateful for her assistance, and I'm confident she will continue to make a significant impact on many others' career journeys.
Amanda G.
Investment Associate
I worked with Arlene while I was transitioning to a new position, Arlene helped me focus on what I wanted out of my next role. Once we honed in on my interests, she helped me update my resume and write stories that supported my skills and experience. Once I was ready to start interviewing, Arlene and I practiced/role played. Throughout this experience Arlene was very supportive, knowledgeable, and encouraging. I am happy to say I have landed an amazing position. I highly recommend Arlene as a coach.
Irene G.
Global Head of Learning
I was referred to Arlene during a transition period in my career. She was instrumental in my pivot to Diversity Inclusion and Belonging. Not only did she encourage this transition, she assisted in my initial efforts with introductions to senior executives within her personal network. Arlene also encouraged me to develop educational credentials necessary to support this new discipline. Arlene’s guidance and motivation over the past two years was integral in my regaining the confidence to successfully pursue D&I. She is knowledgeable, focused and brings to the table a wealth of overall business acumen. I am continually impressed with Arlene’s network and ability to be a connector across a broad spectrum of industries. She has transitioned from career counselor to trusted advisor. When I am questioned about career services in any realm, I continue to forward my network to Arlene!
Stephanie G.
Director of Data Literacy
Working with Arlene has been a wonderful experience. Extremely professional, knowledgeable, and approachable, Arlene has made a tremendous impact as a regular guest speaker for NYU Alumni. Her presentations are clear, fluid, packed with valuable and actionable insights for those seeking career development. I've been lucky to work with her on my own professional journey and she has been incredibly thorough when reviewing my resume. I would not miss an opportunity to work with her again in the future.
Karinne L.
Senior Manager Digital Marketing
I highly recommend Arlene Newman, she is incredible. I would not be where I am today without her guidance.

I first connected with Arlene, nearly three years ago. I am a young professional and at the time I was in need of career counseling. I wanted to find work that I felt truly passionate about. Arlene spent numerous hours with me; guiding me on jobs that I would be a good fit for, she helped me on how to restructure my resume to make it strong, powerful, and most importantly searchable. Her talents also extend to amazing interview prep; from informational interviews, to research before an interview, crafting your message before a networking event, the importance of personal business cards, and making sure your work history tells a story to make you a compelling candidate. With Arlene's guidance, I was able to find a career I love and I look forward to going to work each day. In a competitive job market, Arlene's guidance makes you stand out.

I believe her strategies and methodologies are transferable and invaluable. I tell all of my friends who are in search of career guidance, counseling, resume, cover letter, and interview help to contact Arlene. She has made a world of difference in my life, and I am so grateful I was able to work with her.
Emily F.
Business Analyst
It was such a pleasure to work with Arlene as I went through a transition in my career! As a career coach, she is incredibly thoughtful and patient and provided the expertise I needed for landing my dream job. Arlene is so supportive, and I found her tips and strategies invaluable throughout the entire job hunt. By working with Arlene, I improved and refined my resume and cover letters, and became even more confident in interviews with extensive interview prep. I highly recommend Arlene to anyone who feels a little lost in their career and is looking to make a change!
Lauren C.
Marketing Manager
Arlene is an excellent career coach. She pays close attention to detail, and really took the time to get to know my interests and goals the minute we met. Her advice, pointers, and exercises reflected the specificity of the positions I was looking to pursue, yet also shed practicable light on how to navigate the often-daunting career search more broadly. This, paired with her kindness and encouragement, helped increase my confidence as an applicant. The resources she provided gave structure and cadence to my interview preparation process, and I will certainly refer to them moving forward. Her feedback on my draft materials, too, was invaluable and showed great care and notable thoughtfulness. I would highly recommend Arlene to anyone looking to sharpen, deepen, or otherwise enhance any step in their career search.
Dominick L.
Habitat Monitoring and Outreach
I have had the privilege of working with Arlene for many years now as we are co-members of the Board of Directors for New York City SHRM, the preeminent NYC professional human resources association. Arlene also served as President of New York City SHRM for over three years, during which time Arlene provided outstanding leadership and rebranded the association with a new name, logo and website, resulting in enhanced membership and visibility. As the current Co-chair of the Professional Development Special Interest Group, I have witnessed Arlene's passion for offering the members the most cutting-edge content on critically important HR issues.

As a Career Coach, Arlene’s singular focus is the success of her clients. Arlene works with Executives, Mid-level Professionals as well as Emerging Professionals across all industries to provide customized strategies to land their next career opportunity. Arlene advises on Career Direction, Resume writing, LinkedIn, Personal Branding, Networking, Interviews and Salary Negotiations. With experience as Human Resources Director in several industries, Arlene provides her clients with unique insider tips and knows firsthand what hiring managers are looking for in successful candidates. Arlene is also a former Adjunct Professor at the City University of New York, Baruch College, teaching Recruiting & Interviewing and currently provides presentations to many alumni groups at top universities. I will highly recommend Arlene as a professional coach to any executive looking to take their career to the next level.
Rajan L.
Global Human Resources Executive
Arlene's insight and guidance were crucial in helping me navigate the unfamiliar territory that comes with a major career move. As I called upon Arlene's experience and expertise throughout the process, we methodically scoped critical issues that ultimately led to an informed decision that I made with confidence!
Eric B.
Real Estate Litigation
I worked with Arlene during my career search. Arlene is patient, insightful, and a dedicated career coach. She knows how to help her clients work towards their career goals and throughout the process provides relevant, thought-provoking guidance to prepare them for every scenario. Arlene is a pleasure to work with. I continue to use the tips, skills, and advice she provided me with.
Michelle N.
Sustainability Consultant
Arlene is a thoroughly knowledgeable, consummate professional. I had never been involved in a job search before and she took all of the time necessary to walk me through all aspects of the process, answering every one of my questions. She helped me to develop a resume and job search strategy that I would never have been able to develop on my own and she continues to follow up with me, taking a personal interest in my situation. She has always been available for follow up questions even months later. With Arlene, you are not just another client.
Gordon M.
Transportation Area Manager
I had the great pleasure of attending a workshop co-facilitated by Arlene, and I initially contacted her to get assistance with my resume, which was not getting the traction I expected. Arlene highlighted my skills strategically and made some simple, yet effective edits to take my resume from good to GREAT. I also found her expertise with interview preparation and salary negotiation to be invaluable. I was particularly impressed withå her ability to help me finesse the more challenging interview responses. Arlene was a phenomenal coach, and I am enthusiastic about putting my new found knowledge into practice and look forward to positive results.
LaCara R.
Strategic Planning & Project Management
After working with Arlene for 6 sessions, I received 4 job offers in 1 week! Arlene Newman, with Career Bound Success, has been the foremost instrumental tool in helping me with all aspects of my career search. Arlene has helped to perfect my entire interview process from the building of my resume to the actual interview. Arlene is knowledgeable about the expectations of the professional environment and always available to give her expert advice and counsel prior or post an interview. Through Arlene's professional counsel and wisdom, I gained the confidence I needed to conduct a successful interview. I had never felt so prepared and encouraged for the interview process until I met Arlene. She is simply the best at what she does.

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
Emily R.
National Accounts Manager - Fashion
Arlene did a fantastic job in preparing me for a new professional opportunity in the Private Equity Industry, which I landed thanks to her assistance. The mock interviews she conducted were extremely helpful in preparing me for the wide array of questions and situations that I found myself in during multiple rounds of interviews with staff accountants, controllers, CFO's and CEO's. Arlene also took considerable time to review my resume, offering helpful tips and critiques that have since enhanced my resume's presentation and content. Similarly, Arlene made a point of staying in constant contact throughout the entire search and she was always available to answer any questions I had.

Arlene's approach to career coaching is extremely successful, having fueled me to an exciting new opportunity at ZM Capital, an extremely successful private equity fund.
Jason K.
Accounting and Investor Relations Associate - Private Equity Services
Arlene's assistance with my resume enabled me to concisely capture and highlight my strongest skills and experience. This helped grab the attention of readers and, for what seemed like the first time, really impress them. This was key in moving my career forward which was greatly needed and still appreciated! During our conversations Arlene also helped me focus on what I like and dislike about my work, thus helping me recognize where I have even more potential to excel. If I were to again wander off my path I would definitely return to Arlene for assistance in reformulating my career goals.
Virginia T.
Working with Arlene was very helpful.

Arlene provided great guidance in crafting my story and creating a strong personal brand to market throughout my process. I highly recommend working with Arlene!
Jonathan A.
Corporate Development Manager
As a result of working with Arlene, I landed a new Director position!

I called Arlene Newman with Career Bound Success when I decided to look for a new job after 19 years out of the job market. Arlene took me step-by-step through every stage of the process. She helped me update my resume, making sure that it showcased my skills and presented my long tenure in a positive light. She made sure I was using the most up-to-date and effective methods of professional networking and getting my resume out into all the right places. I was carefully coached through several mock interviews, with every detail critiqued and refined. I feel exceptionally well prepared, and therefore infinitely more confident as I proceed in my job search. I could not have made a better decision for my career advancement needs.
Grace R.
Nonprofit Director of Marketing and Communications
Thanks to working with Career Coach, Arlene Newman, I landed my first job after graduating college in just 1 week!

Arlene worked with me to help prepare for the competitive job market. After discussing career exploration and refocusing my resume, Arlene revealed insider tips for acing phone interviews and how to land in-person interviews. I prepared by learning interview strategies and doing mock interviews that Arlene coached me through. After working with Arlene, my resume was much more clear and concise, and really highlighted my strengths. Arlene gave me the confidence and direction that I needed during the several interviews for my new position. My interview skills have been greatly enhanced and I highly recommend Arlene as a Career Coach!
Suzanne A.
Logistics - Online Fashion Organization
The minute I began to consider a career change, always a stressful moment for anyone, Arlene was so reassuring. She helped me organize my thoughts and put a strategy with a detailed action plan together. She reviewed all of my materials, including my resume and profiles, and provided invaluable insights as to how to easily and effectively improve my approach to the process. Furthermore, she was able to immediately facilitate important introductions to influential individuals in recruitment at corporations and top firms. Although I have only just begun, I am confident that I am on the road to success in Arlene's capable hands.
Caroline R.
SVP Sales & Marketing
Arlene is a knowledgeable and highly skilled career coach. She provided me with the support that I needed while I transitioned into a new role. Her guidance and advice were invaluable, and enabled me to make good decisions under time constraints. Arlene is certainly someone I will call again when making important career decisions.
Janelle N.
There's no better secret weapon than Arlene when searching for a new position! Arlene's expert advice allowed me to become a much more competitive candidate and feel extremely well prepared for my interviews. She made herself accessible at all times and was truly a pleasure to work with throughout the entire job hunt process. I couldn't be happier with the results!
Jessica M.
Media & Sales
I sought out Arlene's expert assistance when looking to transition my career to a slightly different area than my ten years of experience. Arlene was incredibly helpful in highlighting my core capabilities and broadening my resume to better reflect my desired path. She is empowering and provides constructive comments. I am happy to have Arlene in my back pocket when questions or need for advice arise throughout the job hunt!
Amanda S.
Arlene is a fantastic career coach! She provides excellent guidance on interview preparation and resume improvement. Her interview strategies proved to be extremely effective during a difficult job search. I would highly recommend Arlene's services.
Michelle D.
Market Research Professional
I had the privilege of benefiting from individualized coaching sessions from Arlene Newman and learning from her guidance, expertise, and coaching. A close friend recommended Arlene with glowing reviews about her and her business' reputation, and from my initial conversation with Arlene, it was evident how passionate she is about what she does and her desire and willingness to help you meet your goals!

Of note, the coaching sessions are very tailored to fit the individual. I came to Arlene with a specific aim, needing assistance on how to broaden and communicate my skill set and background in government affairs to a career more applicable to universal global business and industries beyond government affairs; Arlene was very perceptive and provided me the tools and resources necessary to feel confident about how to move forward and best approach the job search, networking, and interviewing process. Prior to working with Arlene, I felt very 'stuck' in my current outlook on career opportunities and she was so creative in helping me think outside the box, which was a key turning point in my experience and shaped my search going forward.

Arlene really has a natural gift for what she does, and having benefited from working with Career Bound Success and seeing the impact it made, I would highly recommend Career Bound Success to individuals looking to progress and see results in any stage of a career or interview process. It was such a positive experience and it goes without saying, Arlene is a delight to be with, always encouraging, positive!
Catherine R.
Global Business Program & Project Management
Arlene was a very significant help in my process of job searching. Having just graduated from college, I had never been on a formal interview before or had much experience writing cover letters and a resume. After applying for months and only getting a few requests for interviews, I came to Arlene, who completely turned my resume around. After that, I was receiving interview requests almost every day. After prepping me for interviews, I went from being very timid and apprehensive to feeling comfortable interviewing with five or six people at a time, which is what I had to do for the job I landed now. Her detailed and personalized suggestions and instruction made our sessions invaluable and I would recommend Arlene to anyone who is looking for a job, internship, or just to further improve their personal brand and network.
Madeline M.
Healthcare Industry
I met Arlene about two years ago during a career consultant seminar at Baurch College. Recently, when I needed to update my resume, I contacted Arlene for her expertise and guidance. Arlene's guidance and coaching were critical as I have not been in the job market for a number of years. She was very encouraging and supportive, and her advice and coaching provided me with a professional as welled improved resume - positioning my experience, knowledge and competencies in ways that I did not feel qualified to do myself. Arlene was incredibly helpful in emphasizing my core capabilities and broadening my resume to better reflect my desired path. I find her to be very empowering and provides constructive comments. Thanks Arlene for all your help.
Althea C.
Human Resources
Arlene has been a truly amazing mentor and coach to me. I'm so glad to have had her guidance and support through this challenging process. During my senior year in college, I began searching for a full-time position for the future. Arlene helped me revise my resume to make it as strong as possible. She worked with me to ensure that all my strengths were communicated and together, we created a winning resume. Next she helped me strategize my search. With her guidance, I felt the stress of the job search process melt away because I knew I had a solid plan with action steps and goals.

When I began scheduling interviews, Arlene helped me by doing mock interviews with me and we created clever and well thought out responses to critical interview questions. It took the edge off my nerves and the more I prepped with Arlene, the more confidence I felt. Arlene's coaching was critical to my success and searching for a very short amount of time, I received an amazing opportunity from Macy's, one of the top retail companies in the country!

Her passion to help others is clearly apparent in her efforts and her energy is contagious! I would highly recommend her to any professional seeking to take their career to the next level.
Nuzhat S.
Arlene has a tremendous understanding of the employment marketplace for today's creatives. My resume needed tweaking, and she helped me create a re-vamped and vastly improved resume. She also is a great coach when it comes to prepping for the interview.

I truly believe that her assistance in those two arenas very much assisted me in landing the job I have now. She is top notch!
Michael C.
Producer, Photography Director & Editor
Arlene is a thoughtful and dedicated career coach. She balances a comprehensive big-picture approach with impressive attention to detail. Working with Arlene helped me identify my passions and find job opportunities that would cater to my interests and abilities. I also walked away with better interview skills and a killer resume!
Chelsea F.
Program Coordinator
In beginning my search for a full-time job after many years of freelance work, Arlene helped me to take my past career experience and package it in an attractive resume. In addition, she helped me to prepare for interviews and have a plan. Arlene was a pleasure to work with and highly knowledgable. As a result, I feel more prepared to showcase myself to employers.
Dan M.
Writer & Editor
I worked with Arlene as my outplacement counselor. In the course of our time together, she provided me with the recruiter's perspective on everything from resume writing to interviewing to using LinkedIn. She is a pleasure to work with--knowledgable, energetic, and insightful. As a result of her input, I feel fully prepared (and excited) about my job search.
Mary D.
VP - Communications & Entertainment
It has been a delight working with Arlene! I have been meeting with her for the past two months on my resume, elevator pitch, and interviewing skills. As a young professional, I have needed help finding my potential and making them marketable for a very competitive job market. Arlene has been instrumental in recognizing my skills, and helping me prepare for jobs that meet my interests and experiences. She is poised, professional, graceful, and an overall pleasure to work with. After my sessions with her, I felt more confident in searching for a job. I recommend her for working with recent graduates or young professionals like me because of her genuine passion for helping people grow in their careers.
Dorry F.
Digital Media
Can't recommend Arlene enough. She's insanely knowledgeable and supports recent college graduates time and time again. A great resource for anyone seeking to advance their career.
Jason R.
Account Manager
Arlene Newman helped me move into the post-graduate world when I felt the need for additional support. Her expertise, approach and underlying compassion helped me identify my strengths and gave me the confidence to articulate them competitively. She was a trusted resource whom I know I can always rely on.
Isabella N.
I have had the pleasure of working with Arlene two times, and she truly an amazing Human Resources Professional and Career Coach. As her intern at The Leading Hotels of the World, she provided me with great exposure to HR operations in a corporate office, and she took the time to ensure that I was learning and doing meaningful work. She helped me find my passion for HR.

I worked with her again as her client at Career Bound Success, and her expertise helped me develop a strong resume and strengthen my networking and interview skills. I believe my work with her helped give me the confidence that I needed to be successful in job interviews and switch from hotel operations to HR. I received my current job offer one month after my sessions with her!

Arlene is dedicated, caring, and passionate. She truly wants to help her clients achieve their goals and be successful. I would recommend Arlene to anyone looking for a career coach. I would gladly work with her in the future!
Rachelle B.
Working with Arlene Newman has given me a competitive advantage! As a recent college graduate in this challenging job market, Arlene guided me to my current career opportunity. She was very patient, informative, and knowledgeable which led me to a Human Resources position at one of the leading Title Insurance Companies. Arlene helped me formulate a great resume, refine my elevator pitch, prepare for interviews, and enhance my personal brand overall.

She is an excellent career coach with a strong passion to help her clients achieve career success!
Helen Y.
Human Resources
Arlene Newman is a wonderful career coach! Her professional and comforting demeanor helped my daughter greatly in preparing for the job market upon graduating from college. As a result of Arlene's changes to the resume, her mock interviews, and her constructive comments, my daughter had the confidence that was needed to succeed throughout the entire process! The net effect was that the first series of interviews she was called for landed her the position with Ideeli! She was then called from other retail organizations and did equally as well!

Arlene made my daughter feel so good about herself that she was able to put her best foot forward and land the job! I highly recommend Arlene to anyone looking to obtain a position and or move forward with their career!
Marcia A.
Real Estate Sales Associate
Arlene is an excellent career coach. She is so attentive and truly cares about the needs of her client. I recently reached out to her for assistance with the job search and I am so glad I did. Arlene's strategies for resume preparation, self-pitching, networking and interviewing are exceptionally effective. When an opportunity presented itself, Arlene was there for me from start to finish. Even while on vacation, Arlene made herself available to me to provide useful pointers. When I first contacted Arlene, I had a less than positive outlook on potential career opportunities. During our initial meeting, Arlene stated that she wanted to help me turn my negatives into positives and this is exactly what she did.

Now I am starting a brand new career opportunity, satisfied, with a positive outlook and a hope for endless possibilities in my new role and I arrived at this new place through the positive encouragement, support and guidance of Arlene Newman, my career coach.
Kim H.
Director, Revenue Management - Hospitality Corporation
There is no greater career coach than Arlene Newman! Arlene was a tremendous help to me as I resolved to stop walking out of interviews unsatisfied with my performance. I met with Arlene who immediately helped me to define my goals, outline my strengths and helped me to redevelop my resume. Arlene took the time to talk through the points of my resume, pull out key accomplishments and crystallize who I was as a professional. It was a relief to have someone on my side to work with through the job search process. In conducting a mock interview, Arlene helped to boost my confidence and sort through challenging questions.

I have secured a new position and I am eternally grateful to Arlene, as I know it was our work together that was instrumental to my success! I highly recommend Arlene as a career coach!
Paige G.
Grants Officer - Non-Profit
I have worked with Arlene on perfecting my resume, and honing my interviewing and career advancement skills. Arlene was the most professional and experienced career coach I have met. Arlene is very knowledgeable and up-to-date about the job market; professional, yet personable; patient and understanding towards the frustrations that come during the job search process.

It is due to Arlene's assistance that I was able to secure a rewarding position as an analyst for a global consulting company. I highly recommend Arlene to anyone seeking career assistance.
Maia D.
Analyst - Global Consulting
Arlene Newman is a wonderful career coach! Her professional yet comforting demeanor helped me greatly in preparing for the job market. As a result of her tweaks to my resume, her mock interviews, and her constructive comments, I was able to go forth in my career search, confident that I had been prepared by the best of the best. Arlene was dedicated to helping me succeed throughout the entire process and I can truly say that she went above and beyond my original expectations, which were quite high to begin with, given Arlene's impressive background. I cannot express how much Arlene helped me to be noticed and remembered by employers through an impressive resume and impeccable interview skills.

After graduation, I landed my first full-time position with the Hertz Corporation. There is no one else to consider when in search of a career coach. Arlene Newman is it!
Victoria L.
Manager-in-Training - International Car Rental Corporation
As with most people, I am much better at giving someone else advice, than following that advice for myself and that is where Arlene Newman and Career Bound Success came in. After all, I work in Human Capital Management and interview people all the time. I know how you should conduct yourself and what employers are looking for in an interview. The reality is, I had been working in a very challenging situation, and really needed to jumpstart my job search, and most importantly really needed a career coach with a strong and gentle hand to guide me through this process.

This is where Arlene has been invaluable in helping me renew my confidence and ensure I was presenting my background and myself in the strongest way possible. Arlene was always well prepared for our sessions, armed with insightful suggestions, questions and exercises to ensure I could take my search to the next level. She is always available to ask a question, offer encouragement, and offer her candid expert feedback.

The best thing I've done to move my career and job search forward is work with Arlene Newman.
Stuart F.
HR Generalist and Business Partner
Arlene Newman was significantly influential in assisting me to become employed with my first social work job upon graduation. She helped facilitate all aspects of my job search and interview process. From offering guidance into more efficient resume writing and presentation to mock interviews, her expert knowledge made me feel confident in multiple interviews settings.

Arlene's hands on approach allowed me to feel prepared and supported in my job search and subsequent interviews. Arlene took the time to learn about my strengths as a clinician and taught me how to authentically bring out the best of myself during my interview process. This ultimately was tremendously successful, as I received a job offer immediately following an interview!
Lauren M.
Arlene is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of career advice and management, from support in building resumes to coaching at every step of the recruitment process. She provides more than support and is a true partner who proactively follows up during the process. She has such passion for what she does and goes the extra mile to help you be your best and also make the right choices. She is also extremely organized and flexible to accommodate working schedules.

Arlene is a true pleasure to work with.
Benjamin S.
International Marketing Manager
I first met Arlene as an intern at The Leading Hotels of the World, two years ago. Ever since then, her guidance and wisdom helped me develop both professionally and individually. With Arlene's tremendous amount of help and insight, I was able to secure intern positions at a prestigious financial services firm, a renowned medical college and luxury hotel. For each internship opportunity, Arlene thoroughly reviewed my resume and cover letter. She gave great recommendations and critiques and made sure that both the resume and cover letter aligned with each job description. Before any interviews, Arlene conducted mock interviews that prepared me for critical questions and gave me confidence. Above all, Arlene is exceptional because she cares greatly about her clients' success and well-being. It truly is a privilege to have a chance to work with someone like Arlene!
MiJi K.
Human Resources - Financial Services
I cannot thank Arlene Newman enough for all the wonderful work she has done for me. I was an intern at Leading Hotels of the World on my last semester of college unsure of where my career was going to take me. I went to Arlene hoping that she could guide me in the right direction and that she did! She reviewed my resume and gave me feedback on how to enhance it, we did mock interviews, which gave me much more confidence to do well on the actual interview, and she listened to my interests and goals to help me narrow down the right position for me within the hospitality industry. I couldn't have asked for such great advice and assistance. And as if that wasn't enough, she also connected me with my first job out of college in a hotel!

Thank you, Arlene, for all of your dedication, sincerity and attention to detail. You are truly amazing at what you do and anyone would be privileged to work with you.
Naomie B.
Guest Services, NYC 5-Star Hotel
Arlene demonstrates not only expert knowledge in her field and a genuine concern for the well-being of her clients, but also tremendous versatility. Although her primary experience is within the fields of business, human resources, marketing, and management, I came to her when I needed coaching and preparation for medical school interviews. After reviewing interview questions, Arlene was able to accurately pinpoint numerous topics related to medicine that might come up in the interviews, and she provided essential support as we worked through the issues together. I have since successfully interviewed and been accepted to 4 medical schools, and am extremely grateful for Arlene's resourcefulness and dedication.
Sam K.
Georgetown Medical School
I had the pleasure of meeting Arlene during my master's degree program. I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to intern at The Leading Hotels of the World, under Arlene's supervision. My internship was a great learning experience and opened so many doors. Arlene is truly passionate about working with students and recent graduates to help them develop professionally. Over the years, Arlene has continued to be an invaluable resource for me. I highly recommend her and I look forward to working with her again in the future.
Les-Ann W.
Account Manager - Travel Management
Arlene Newman has been a tremendous influence in my life. I first met Ms. Newman at The Leading Hotels of the World, where I was interviewed by her. Once I was hired for the receptionist position, she continuously helped me grow as an individual and employee. Ms. Newman helped me obtain an internship that added to my growth by allowing me to explore different departments of the company. Part of the internship program, that Ms. Newman created, consisted of bi-weekly meetings with other interns, that allowed us to discuss our growth, ideas, and daily hospitality functions within our individual roles with department leaders. For each meeting, we would have a different department head that would discuss their job title and what they do for the company. Graduation was approaching quickly, and at the time I was working part-time for the company. Considering we were in a recession and it wasn't very easy for a college graduate to get a job, I asked Ms. Newman for assistance in finding a job in the hospitality industry.

Arlene Newman assisted me with preparing for an interview within the New York Helmsley Hotel. She guided me through the interviewing process, along with updating my resume. With her countless help and support, I was able to attain the position as a front desk coordinator.
Laura K.
Coordinator - Hospitality
I had the pleasure of working with Arlene Newman at The Leading Hotels of the World. I worked with Arlene in the Human Resources Department as an intern during college and following the end of my internship, Arlene helped me find a job in my field of interest. Arlene provided guidance, worked with me on my resume and interviewing skills and as a result, I felt prepared and confident for my interviews.

Thanks to Arlene, I landed my first job after college graduation at an International Cosmetic Firm! When looking for a new career opportunity, Arlene again assisted me in preparing for a new job search and landing a position as Global Talent Associate!

During the time that Arlene and I worked together, she provided me continuous support. Arlene helped guide my personal growth and expand my career potential by providing me with new opportunities in my position. Arlene has been a great mentor and has helped me to embody more confidence in myself.
May C.
Global Talent Associate - Advertising

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