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Our Professional Career Coaching Services

Career Bound Success Inc., provides professionals, alumni, and college students with the skills to successfully execute job search campaigns and land their next career opportunities.

Our career coaching services include one-on-one and small group counseling on:

  • Career Direction
  • Resume Preparation
  • Personal Branding
  • Online Image Management
  • Networking Skill Development
  • Interview Training
  • Salary Negotiation Skills and Strategies
  • Onboarding Skills
  • Corporate Outplacement Services

When choosing your first or next career move, you will probably face a bewildering array of options. Do you choose the most familiar or explore a new range of opportunities?

At Career Bound Success, we help you identify your strengths and preferences to narrow down your search and find the best professions and companies that match your specific qualifications and goals. Your career objectives will be shaped by asking and answering a series of questions designed to elicit your ideal work, your passions, and skills that come naturally to you.

Once we have narrowed down your ideal career paths, we focus on researching industries, companies, and business associations that match your specific goals, and finding ways to help you build connections in those fields.


If you are currently an undergraduate or graduate student, internships provide excellent opportunities to explore various industries and potential career paths.

At Career Bound Success, we help you identify career interests, evaluate programs, and find and secure internship opportunities.

Building job-specific resumes and cover letters that effectively show how you will add value to each company is essential to setting you apart from other candidates. Hiring managers will spend approximately 7 seconds reviewing your resume, so it is critical to communicate your value in the most clear and succinct way possible.

At Career Bound Success, we help you build resumes and cover letters that highlight your specific objectives and qualifications for each individual job opportunity. We provide guidance on resume language and organization, cover letter writing, and overall editing and finessing to help you stand out and land important interviews.

In today’s challenging job market, it is important to establish a strong personal brand that will leave a lasting impression on recruiters and companies.

Benefits of Personal Branding:

  • Builds a positive image of who you are
  • Creates clear goals and objectives
  • Identifies your unique selling proposition
  • Increases your visibility
  • Facilitates networking
  • Brings new opportunities


With Career Bound Success, you will learn how to market yourself by evaluating your strengths and conveying what differentiates you from others as part of your job search campaign. We will help you prepare your concise elevator pitch, a 30-second to two-minute speech summarizing your background, experience, and career objectives. As part of developing your personal brand, we will identify your networking opportunities and provide ways to maintain and enhance your brand.

Recruiters and companies often check your online image on LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social media sites to learn more about you. It is essential to ensure that you have a professional image displayed.

At Career Bound Success, we will review your online image and help you project a positive and professional internet presence that will be appealing to potential employers. We will help you build and manage your profile on professional websites such as LinkedIn and teach you how to use the web as a networking tool.

Where will you find your next job opportunity? Experts agree that 75% of jobs are secured through networking.

Many jobs are not posted to the public, and when they are, a company may get hundreds of resumes for one open position. Rather than going through the time-consuming process of reviewing all submitted online resumes, hiring managers most often interview employee-recommended candidates. So how do you land that interview? By effectively networking yourself, you will gain access into the hidden job market.

At Career Bound Success, we will teach you the necessary tools and techniques you need to become an effective networker.

Learn to:

  • Present a concise description of your background, experience, and career objectives to sell yourself in under two minutes
  • Network in a variety of situations including face-to-face events, informational interviews, social media sites, and community outreach projects
  • Communicate effectively by telephone, email, and video conferencing
  • Find and join professional organizations
  • Meet the right people in companies of interest who can refer you when new job openings arise

An interview is your best opportunity to make a positive professional impression, communicate your potential value, and be remembered. An interview is also a great opportunity to learn essential information about the position, the company goals, and the work culture to help you determine if the job is a good fit for your career objectives.

With Career Bound Success, you will learn crucial interview strategies and techniques to effectively communicate your skills and objectives to a potential employer and elicit critical information about the position and company.

Hiring managers remember stories that illustrate your value. We will help you develop your accomplishment stories that provide details about your strengths and how you achieved results.

Through mock interviews, you will practice asking and answering important questions, and build the confidence you need to make a positive and lasting impression.

We also provide guidance on professional attire, eye contact and body language, and follow-up communication to interviewers and decision makers.

Once you have been offered a position, there are several areas to negotiate before finalizing a job offer. Negotiations are not only about salary. They can also include:

  • Benefits
  • Bonus
  • Job descriptions
  • Job titles
  • Professional memberships
  • Relocation expenses
  • Reporting relationships
  • Start dates
  • Vacation


At Career Bound Success, we will review and practice your negotiation techniques, so that you and the company have a win-win outcome to start your employment on a positive and professional note.

Starting at a new company can be both exciting and challenging. It is essential that you effectively transition into your new position and build valuable relationships from day-one to set yourself up for long-term success.

At Career Bound Success, we will review onboarding skills to ensure you are prepared to succeed in your new work environment.

Training includes:

  • Strategies for starting a new position
  • Handling office politics
  • Understanding workplace values
  • Building professional relationships
  • Professional etiquette

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